Restless Legs Syndrome Treatment Guidelines

restless legs syndrome

How is Restless Leg Syndrome Treated

This is a condition characterized by a disagreeable sensation deep inside both legs, especially at night. Pregnant women seem especially prone to the problem, but it may be more a result of low stores of folic acid (a B vitamin) than a side-effect of pregnancy.

In a Canadian study, 21 pregnant women were given regular follow-ups during their pregnancies and six weeks after delivery. At each visit, they were rated for severity — or lack — of restless legs syndrome. Eleven of the women received folic acid while the other ten received a multi-vitamin that did not contain folic acid.

The results? Of the nine women who had restless legs syndrome, only one had taken folic acid. However, of the 12 women who had no symptoms of restless legs, ten had taken folic acid supplements. Said the researchers: 'Our preliminary data suggest that restless legs syndrome in pregnancy could represent a sign of low serum folate [folic acid] concentration' (Nutrition Reports International).

Pregnant women aren't the only ones to suffer from restless legs syndrome. Some doctors suggest that the condition is caused by excessive consumption of drinks containing caffeine — such as coffee, tea, and cola. And two Los Angeles dermatologists, Richard Meehan and his associate Samuel Ayres, Jr, have used from 400 to 1,600 IU daily of vitamin E to control successfully the disorder in several of their patients.
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