How to Treatment Reye's Syndrome Naturally

Reyes syndrome

How Can Reye Syndrome Be Prevented

Studies done in Ohio and Michigan were the first to implicate aspirin as a possible contributing factor in Reye's syndrome in children, a complication of viral diseases such as chicken pox and influenza. Patients with Reye's syndrome suffer severe vomiting followed by lethargy, personality changes, convulsions and, in some cases, death.

As a result of these and other studies, the US and, in the autumn of 1986, the UK governments requested chemists to withdraw all their stocks of aspirin preparations for children (e.g. Junior Disprin). It is now recommended that all children under the age of 12 (and, ideally, those under 18) should avoid aspirin. Paracetamol products can be taken instead, although because excessive dosages of these can cause serious liver damage, parents and children should take care not to exceed specified dosages.
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