How to Prevent Motion Sickness Naturally

motion sickness

How to Stop Motion Sickness Naturally

Motion sickness has happened to nearly everyone at one time or another. Even astronauts in space aren't immune to it. The standard remedy for this common ailment has been an anti-histamine drug, Dramamine, but a carefully controlled experiment has shown that powdered root of ginger (Zingiber officinale) is more effective. The subjects were volunteers of both sexes who reported themselves to be unusually prone to motion sickness. Tested with a motor-driven revolving chair, half the subjects on ginger went the full six minutes; none of those on the drug or a placebo endured that long (Lancet, 20 March 1982).

And here's a tip to help you prevent motion sickness in children: An observant pediatrician noted that a small child's view in a car is that of fast moving scenery, via a side window, and of bobbing and vibrating objects. If the child's position is raised — with a car seat — his eyes can focus on relatively still objects, which may avoid or at least lessen motion sickness (New England Journal of Medicine, 8 November 1979).
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