How to Treat Seborrhea Problem Naturally


How to Treat Seborrhoea Problem Naturally

One of the most common conditions that bring patients to dermatologists is seborrhoea, particularly of the scalp. The condition, marked by scaliness of the nose and lip area, heavy dandruff (sometimes with hair loss), inflammation of the eyes, and 'cradle cap' in the newborn, is resistant to many types of treatment.

Most of the therapies in the past have been local — application of one medication or another directly onto the affected area. Drs Wolfgang A. Casper and Orlando Manfredi reported that patients with seborrhoea showed a remarkable response to intramuscular injections of vitamin B12 (Cutis). Those responses invited an investigation of malabsorption of the vitamin since dietary deficiency in B12 — except in purely vegetarian diets — is extremely unlikely. Any diet adequate in animal protein is almost certainly a good source of the vitamin.

These researchers discovered that the deficiency originates with malabsorption of the vitamin, probably in the section of the small intestine known as the ileum. Further, many of the patients with seborrhoea were found to be victims of easily disturbed carbohydrate metabolism, some of them showing a hidden (chemical) diabetes, with a higher-than-average carbohydrate intake. This is significant because it is known that diabetics have a diminished reabsorption of vitamin B12 from the intestine.

According to the researchers, doses of B12 by mouth may not produce similar satisfactory results, since absorption of the vitamin is limited.
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