How to Cure Raynaud's Disease Naturally

Raynaud's disease

How to Cure Raynaud's Disease Naturally

For his patients with the uncomfortable and sometimes disabling circulatory disorder called Raynaud's phenomenon, a Vermont doctor has come up with an unusual natural therapy. Patients are advised to swing their arms like windmills or propeller blades. No one has actually left the ground yet, but some have experienced dramatic and rapid relief!

Raynaud's phenomenon is characterized by episodes of small artery-tightening or construction in the extremities. Fingers turn deathly pale, only to blush bright red later. Drugs and even surgery are common treatments.

However, the Vermont doctor Donald R. McIntyre has another idea. Observing the success of local skiers in warming up cold hands by whirling their arms, he devised the following manoeuvre (reported in the Journal of the American Medical Association): The patient swings the affected arm briskly at about 80 revolutions per minute in the direction that a rounders player would move his arm — i.e. downward behind the body and then upward in front. This continuous motion puts both gravity and centrifugal force to work pushing blood into the outstretched fingers.

A 40-year-old man whose attacks were triggered by cold exposure after typing complained of whiteness in his fingers for an hour. Using the whirling technique, he reversed attacks in just 90 seconds. A woman, troubled by Raynaud's phenomenon since her teens, experienced relief after whirling her arm only six to eight times.

Dr. McIntyre considers his remedy simple, fast and effective. 'The maneuver's only complications and adverse side-effects thus far...' he notes, 'have been glancing blows to fingers striking unnoticed ceiling fixtures and also a degree of embarrassment that befalls one in public while waving the arms about. '

Vitamin E is another natural remedy. One man suffering from Raynaud's had six ulcerated fingers; gangrene was actually present in three of them. Yet doctors report that he 'virtually healed eight weeks after using vitamin E' both by mouth and directly on his fingers, and he was still well at a one-year follow-up, as he continued to take the vitamin. The doctors say that several other patients with this condition were given vitamin E, and although their cases were not so dramatic, the majority did show a favorable response (Cutis).
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